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Your Program Libre Forme 8

Together we define your ideal weight. To reach your goal, we evaluate your nutritional balance. Based on this evaluation, we design your personalized program that you will follow using daily menu cards. At weekly one-on-one sessions, we will review and fine-tune your program according to your goal and the results you’ve achieved.

Here are the steps in your Libre Forme 8 program:

The First Free Meeting

This one-on-one interview is free of charge. Your consultant will explain the Libre Forme 8 method to you and make a note of all the information needed to evaluate your nutritional balance: your eating habits, lifestyle, leisure time, weight history, preferences, and the ideal weight you want to reach.

The Personalized Study

We will use the information noted down to prepare a personalized nutritional balance evaluation. It will help us prepare a program that corresponds to your needs, your profile, and your goal.

The First Meeting

Your consultant will give you “Instructions” and will explain them to you. The instructions will help you understand the principles of the method and the different steps in your program. She will explain your daily menu cards to you and answer any questions you may have. She will give you all the advice you need to start your program under the best conditions possible.

How Does Your Program Works?

Follow-through sessions are one-on-one and take place weekly. They are an opportunity to review together your week on the program, to make a note of the weight and inches shed, and fine-tune your program according to your goal and the results you’ve achieved.

The 7-Days-A-Week Hotline

The Libre Forme 8 Hotline is available 7 days a week for questions and advice about your program.

The end of the program

Your consultant will give you personalized advice taking into consideration how your program went. After your program, you’ll learn how to plan and organize all your meals on your own and without menu cards, for all the circumstances of daily life, on weekends, on business trips, or on vacation.


Your consultant will give you “Stabilization Advice” and will explain it to you. This advice will give you the basic principles to stabilize your weight. You’ll define the timing of this phase with your consultant. The stabilization phase is an opportunity to confirm your new eating habits and be by your side during this major step “after weight loss.”

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