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The Libre Forme 8 Concept

Because nearly all problems of excess weight stem from eating habits formed over the years,
new principles need to be learned for healthy and varied ways of eating
designed for each individual and each lifestyle.


Libre Forme 8: Digestion and Nutrition

The concept of Libre Forme 8, which was started in 1996, is based on a Swiss approach that has been a proven method since the 1980s. The Libre Forme 8 concept is based on the two fundamental principles of optimum digestion and nutritional balance achieved by:

  • Using natural foods
  • Practicing smart food combinations to improve digestion
  • Varying foods to ensure balanced nutrition
  • Considering digestion times for each meal

Natural Nutritional Balance

Discover a new way of eating naturally without “miracle creams,” food supplements, medication, meal substitutes, or pills:

  • Rediscover the pleasure of cooking using healthy and varied foods
  • Learn how to fine-tune foods to your lifestyle
  • Learn how to eat by listening to your body
  • Reinforce vitality through eating