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Sharing Experiences

Thomas - Sens - 23 years old - 10/04/2016

I will recommend the method Libre Forme 8 around me. It is a commitment that works, without unreasonable restriction and above all without recovery of weight.
In a world where diseases are increasingly present, pay attention to food hygiene by combining good food will avoid in the future cardiovascular problems, diabetes or cholesterol and will promote vitamins, minerals...

Sarah - Paris - 37 years old - 09/03/2016

I've been following the Libre Forme 8 program for 4 years. I began a program of one month, and since I follow one to two weeks program a year to restore balance. I tried many diets before that and it's the only one I stand, that makes me lose weight exactly where I need it in record time, gives me good looks and restores my body that I love ! Once past the first 3 days, it is a pleasure to follow the program and a real satisfaction every day. I maintain dietary principles throughout the year without any difficulty. They allow me to enjoy the pleasures of life without regaining all the lost kilos!

Anastasia - Paris - 30 years old - 01/02/2016

I had 12 kilos to lose during Christmas and New Year holidays, my Holidays and my birthday!! A great challenge which I raise with Kahina who knew how to coach me throughout the program. The contract is filled and I am now in stabilization. I have now a lot of great ideas of recipes which please all the family and a very nice silhouette. I have now the feeling to have now the control over my body and my food. Run there.

Sophie - Paris - 45 years old - 17/09/2015

After years and years of diet - I think I tried everything - I finally managed to lose weight without frustration! I managed to lose more than 10 kilos. 1 kilo per week is happiness whereas before I lost painfully 1 kilo per month, so you can imagine the endurance I’ve needed. Coaching with Kahina is great. Always there to give you good tricks and cheer me up when I lose patience. Personally, I 'm really happy and once again I can say that about diet, I could write an interminable novel!

Frédérique - Saint Cloud - 53 years old - 05/06/2015

I started my program late March and reached my goal I have lost 10kg. I begin my stabilization I am very happy to have succeeded with this method, my eating habits have changed. Thank you to Virginie.

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