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The Libre Forme 8 Programs

All our programs are completely personalized. They are designed based on your nutritional needs and also on your background, your personal and professional environment, and your lifestyle (sports, leisure time, schedule, etc.).

The menus are designed around everyday foods and provide varied meals that will help you continue to enjoy cooking and the pleasure of meals with family and friends.

For each day of the week and according to your schedule (work, vacation, special dinners, travel, business trips, etc.).

Weight Loss Program

Get to your ideal weight and maintain your vitality.

Along with your consultant, define your weight loss goal and the pace to reach it.
Benefit from a program completely designed to match your profile and your needs.

Nutritional Balance Program

Maintain your ideal weight.

Learn to adopt on a daily basis the principles of healthy and varied ways of eating and respecting digestion time, for optimum vitality.
Use smart food combinations to keep your energy up and help stay in shape.

Right Weight Program

Progressively eliminate “forbidden foods” and get rid of any eating anxiety.

Have the necessary tools for a worry-free way of including the foods essential for nutritional balance in order to lose weight and keep it off.